Predictive Programmatic Mobile Advertising

Combining programmatic with big data and machine learning, MADGIC ads a smart touch to Real Time Bidding and brings multiple benefits to its partners.
Thanks to its predictive mobile advertising technology, MADGIC generates the highest revenue for its supply partners and sends its demand partners the traffic that they need.

What is predictive programmatic mobile advertising?

Monetizing mobile traffic is a challenge. The mobile advertising market is young, global, fast-growing, innovative… and very fragmented. In order to make the most out of their mobile audience, mobile application developers and mobile website publishers need to work with multiple demand partners. RTB ad exchanges are usually connected with over 100 demand partners.

MADGIC’s predictive programmatic technology provides higher revenue to supply partners than regular RTB and strongly reduces demand partners’ server costs.

How? BEFORE sending an ad request to a demand partner, MADGIC is able to predict IF this partner has demand for this impression, at what price, how long it will take to reply, the click-through rate and the conversion rate.
This allows MADGIC to display the most profitable ads and to provide much higher fill rates and win rates to its demand partners than direct publishers.




Response Time


Queries per Second


Worldwide Partners


Reporting Metrics

Small Screen, Big Revenue

As a mobile application developer, a website publisher or a mobile advertising professional, your top priority is to increase your mobile advertising revenue. You know that you need to work with many demand partners in order to maximize your fill rate and your revenue, but it is time consuming and difficult.
MADGIC not only connects you to the best demand partners in one go, it also monitors their performances in real time in order to automatically display the most profitable ads in less than 20 milliseconds.

Monetize your Inventory

Most mobile publishers have a hard time monetizing their mobile traffic and are facing many challenges. You are not alone: the founders of MADGIC have faced all these issues since 2006 and built this platform in order to solve them.

Are you facing any of these issues? See how MADGIC can fix them for you:

Low prices?

eCPM optimization

Low fill rate?

100% fill rate, sourcing the best CPM, CPC, CPX campaigns from dozens of demand partners

Slow response time?

50ms average response time

Auto-redirect or low quality ads?

Madgic collaborative Ads Quality tools

Lack of visibility?

Consolidated reporting in your time zone and currency

Invalid impressions or clicks?

Discrepancy monitoring and optimization

Late payments?

Single monthly timely payment


No SDK, no exclusivity, volume or time commitment

Higher Fill Rate + Higher eCpm = Higher Revenue

While regular RTB sends many useless bid requests to a limited number of DSPs, MADGIC’s predictive technology sources ads from a vast number of DSPs, mobile ad exchanges, mobile ad networks and mobile affiliation networks.

MADGIC finds the best mobile advertising campaign whether it’s paid per impression, per click or per conversion, thus increasing revenue, eCPM and fill rate.

Faster Response Time

MADGIC’s supply partners can define the maximum response time allowed for each ad request sent to MADGIC. They can either get ads much faster than with traditional RTB, or on the contrary they can use more time in order to find more profitable ads from more demand partners.

MADGIC forwards their ad requests only to the best demand partners for each specific impression and optimizes the response time using several unique technologies. With more time available and a much faster platform, MADGIC is able to find the best ad, even if it comes from a small demand partner on the other side of the globe.

High Quality Ads

Ads Quality is a top priority for MADGIC and its Partners. We believe that automated ad scanning can only go so far in controlling ad quality and a visual review of some ads by humans is still required in order to provide a very high level of safety. MADGIC Ads Quality is a unique set of automated and manual tools giving our Supply Partners total control over the ads they display on their inventory.

More pair of eyes means a higher safety and less work to do. When you join our Ads Quality Community MADGIC partners and MADGIC team all work with you in a collaborative way for reviewing all new ads available from MADGIC.


Faster response time

Higher revenue

High quality ads

Timely payment

Get the traffic that you need

Your advertisers are always looking for more high quality mobile traffic. MADGIC provides large worldwide, brand safe mobile web and in-app traffic (available on all pricing models), helping you deliver their campaigns, reach their targets and make your advertisers happy.
MADGIC automatically detects active campaigns and adapts the traffic to your needs. With MADGIC, you get the traffic that you need, when you need it. MADGIC’s predictive technology also cuts down your server costs and does not require very high fill rates or very short response times.
Additionally, MADGIC offers its demand partners unique tools and market data (real-time market price analytics by country, operator and platform; performance monitoring and benchmarking; alerts; testing tools; clicks logs; …).

Pay per impression, view, click or conversion

Regular RTB only supports CPM campaigns: demand partners have to pay for each impression before displaying an ad, without knowing if this impression will generate a visit or not, nor whether it will generate a subscription, a download or a purchase.

MADGIC lets demand partners pay for impressions, clicks or conversions. Its predictive technology estimates accurately the advertising cost/revenue by predicting the probability of a click and of a conversion. It then selects the best targeted and most profitable ad for each impression.

Only the traffic that you need

Thanks to its predictive technology, MADGIC only sends its demand partners the traffic that they need.

As soon as a demand partner starts a new campaign with specific targeting, MADGIC detects it and scales traffic up.

As soon as the campaign is stopped or paused, MADGIC reduces the volume to a very small traffic, just enough to monitor the fill rate.

Lower server costs

By filtering useless bid requests, MADGIC cuts down demand partners’ server costs by a factor of 10, with a much higher fill rate and win rate. This will result in more bids, more impressions and ultimately in more money with traffic coming from MADGIC than with the same amount of traffic coming from an ad exchange or a direct publisher.

MADGIC’s technology is also much more flexible on response time than basic RTB. While a traditional ad exchange only works with nearby and large DSPs, that are able to reply in less than 50ms, MADGIC works with more demand partners, of all sizes and all over the world


Access to large global traffic

Lower server cost

Flexible response time and fill rate

Market data and tools

Success Stories

MADGIC’s supply partners offer high-quality transparent traffic, some of it premium, mobile web and in-app traffic, in 200 countries. They offer various brand-safe verticals and can deliver the impressions, clicks and conversions that you need.

MADGIC’s demand partners are running the highest quality mobile advertising campaigns and are buying all sorts of mobile traffic, in all countries, on all mobile devices, and at the highest prices, on CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI…

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