About us

MADGIC’s story began in 2009 when Pierre, Lionel, Michel, Kamel and Olivier decided to build a mobile advertising platform. Before creating MADGIC, they had faced multiple challenges in monetizing mobile traffic on their respective mobiles services (Abphone, Pixdoo, Wauwee and MobiLuck) where each had created unique technology and a network of partners.

In just two years, the five pioneers had built the best mobile advertising mediation and yield optimization platform which they initially kept for their individual use. However, they soon realized the potential of the technology they had created as demand from fellow mobile publishers and ad networks to use the platform began to spread. Surprised by the huge traction and potential of their platform, the founders created a new company named MADGIC in March 2011 in order to open it to all mobile website publishers and application developers.

Their business grew exponentially and by 2014, MADGIC was already profitable. From then on, MADGIC’s technology increasingly evolved with various features such as supporting in-app advertising, new mobile devices and platforms (iOS, Android…), new ad formats (Intestitials…) innovative targeting methods (location, gender, age, retargeting…), the OpenRTB standard, big data or machine learning technologies.

MADGIC was built by mobile publishers for mobile publishers, and the focus hasn’t changed: increasing mobile advertising revenue for mobile application and mobile website developers. All along, MADGIC has stuck to the following guidelines: offering the best technology and the highest level of automation and scalability as well as the most flexible, reactive and dedicated service.


Olivier Chouraki


Olivier holds a software engineering degree, he created software for 16 years in automotive, recruitment, advertising (Havas), telecoms… then did 4 years CRM consulting (PwC, Deloitte). In 2003, he created MobiLuck, the first Bluetooth chat application for Smartphone, and in 2007 the first location-based mobile social network. He is a recognized expert in mobile apps, LBS, mobile social networks and mobile advertising.


Kamel Haddad


Kamel holds a Master in Embedded Software from Paris 8 University. He started working on mobile advertising revenue optimization in February 2009 when he initiated a collaboration between his university and MobiLuck. He integrated Madgic’s platform with over 50 mobile demand partners in the last 4 years and is in charge of the core engine of Madgic’s ad server.


Emilija Petrauskaite

Head of Partnerships

Emi holds a master from the University of Technologies in Kaunas (Lithuania), she lived in many different countries and is fluent in 5 languages. She combines a very international culture, several years of experience in digital marketing, and great communication skills. Emi is the best friend of mobile supply partners, monitoring their account performance, fixing any integration or business issue, and making sure they get their payments on time.


Lionel Johnson

R&D Project Manager

Lionel is an IT engineer with 25 years experience. He was co-founder and CTO of HAL5, banking report software, sold in 1998. Then Vice-CTO at Meetic in charge of payment integration & operation manager, then manager of mobile services. In the last 4 years he created 2 ad-funded mobile services and gathered a solid experience in mobile monetization.

Michel Shuqair

Michel Shuqair


Michel has 20 years of telecoms and IT experience including 6 years of project/team management at Telecom companies (BT, FLAG, KPN, kpnQwest). He started his career in R&D creating innovative software products related to mobile phones, built proprietary systems for government, telecom, finance and lawyer firms. Michel has a Bachelor’s degree in informatics from the Technical University in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Pierre Scokaert

Pierre Scokaert


Pierre obtained the D.Phil degree from Oxford University in 1994, held academic positions at the University of Texas, the University of Wisconsin and the University of California, joined France Telecom where he worked on emerging web technologies, then founded 3 mobile companies: Opensugar, Websnack and abphone, a mobile search engine. He has been a recognized pioneer in mobile advertising since 2005.

Bertrand Paquet

Platform Scalability

Bertrand, our Master of Servers, holds an Engineering degree from Telecom Paris Tech and a Master from Paris VI university. He specialized since 2011 in building platforms that scale for various companies including Netco Sports and Doctolib. Bertrand helped MADGIC build its technical architecture and scale from 300m to 3Bn ad requests per day with lightning fast response time and very low ad serving costs.

Olivier Cognet

Board Member

Olivier is a BOD member and strategic advisor of MADGIC. Previously, Olivier has developed a 25+ year international career in the technology, internet, software services with operations in EMEA, USA and Asia. Olivier has been an active corporate and venture investor with Cisco, Nokia and private equity firms. Olivier is or has contributed to the Board of Directors of innovative companies like Ijenko (Smartgrid/IOT), Corenetix (IOT), Awingu (Cloud Computing Software), Mobey Forum and Obopay (mobile payment)…

Stanislas Chesnais

Stanislas Chesnais

Board Member

Stanislas is an entrepreneur who has created several companies, including Aldea (consulting), Cleade (software) and Netsize, a global leader in SMS services, acquired by Gemalto. Stanislas began his career as a consultant for Ernst & Young in France and Canada. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from ESCP (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris) in France and a MBA majoring in marketing from Drexel University, Philadelphia – USA.

Olivier Marrot

Board Member

Olivier holds a Ph.D. in management of Université Paris Dauphine with specialization in finance. He is a legal expert in company valuation and manages several funds invested in innovative starts-ups.