Everyday, new ads from non-fully trusted DSPs and suspicious ads tagged by other community members appear in your Ads Review list. You can then visualise these ads and approve or block them individually.

The most frequent ads, potentially the most profitable but also the riskiest, are reviewed first.
The moderator clicks a deck of playing cards representing a policy and deals 8 cards on the review board, each showing an ad, the demand partner name, the reason why this ad needs to be reviewed, and its quality and profitability ratings.
Cards facing up show ads that are already displayed and can be blocked if needed while cards facing down show ads waiting for approval before they can be displayed.
The moderator can easily flip the cards, in a fun Tinder-like way, and select the relevant quality tags.

When you join MADGIC Ads Quality Community, the other members and the MADGIC team all work with you in order to increase the quality of the ads running on your inventory and the safety of your users.

Make your own policies

Since you may have different Ads Quality requirements for different mobile apps or sites, MADGIC Ads Quality lets you create multiple Ads Quality Policies, for example a Premium policy for your Premium traffic and a Standard policy for the remaining traffic, or a dedicated Ads Quality Policy for a specific publisher.

For each Ads Quality Policy, MADGIC Ads Quality lets you choose between a whitelisting or a blacklisting strategy In order to maximise your safety and revenue, and to minimise the amount of work required. You can display only ads that have been previously approved/whitelisted, or you can display all ads and then block/blacklist the ones you don’t want.

Automated ad scanning

Visual review of new ads

Review pre or post impression

Collaborative review and ads tagging

History of all ads received in the last 24 hours

Friendly user interface

API access

Ads Quality & Ads Review statistics

Ads and advertisers quality and profitability rating

Then you can define exceptions to this general strategy for specific DSPs. For each DSP you can select a behaviour among 4 options corresponding to 4 different levels of trust:
0. Don’t display ads and don’t review them: you don’t trust this DSP at all. Maybe you had too many Ads Quality issues with this DSP in the past, too much review work or not enough revenue.
1. Review all new ads one-by-one, don’t display ads until approved: maybe this is a new DSP you want to try but don’t trust yet.
2. Display all ads, but review them and block them if needed: at this level you trust the DSP enough to display its ads, but you still plan to spend some time for reviewing some or all new ads, a posteriori.
3. Display all ads without reviewing them: this is for a trusted DSP, probably a long-time partner with a history of very safe high-quality ads. You display all its ads, including ads with no creativeID, without even reviewing them.

Join the community

Ads Quality is a matter of balance between safety, revenue and work. With MADGIC Ads Quality you can put in a reasonable amount of work, earn good advertising revenue and display only high-quality ads.

Members have access through an API or a friendly user interface to a shared database storing quality data for millions of ads. In a few milliseconds they can retrieve the quality information corresponding to a unique creative ID: ad code, quality and profitability ratings, scanning results, comments and quality tags set by moderators. MADGIC partners can also block a specific ad from their traffic instantly and automatically.

Non-members can access the Ads Quality database in read-only mode using the TRY IT button below.