Frequently asked questions

What is MADGIC’s Business model?

MADGIC mostly buys and sells mobile traffic at fixed CPM through OpenRTB. For Supply Partners not supporting RTB, MADGIC operates through a revenue sharing model: we collect advertising revenue from our demand partners, our supply partners receive an 80% payout and we retain the remaining 20%. MADGIC’s reporting page indicates your net revenue.

MADGIC’s interests are always aligned with those of its partners. Bottom line: the more money you make, the more money we make.

What is MADGIC’s payment term?

For our supply partners, MADGIC functions on a ‘NET 60’ payment term. These 60 days allow us to collect the payments from our demand partners. And you will also find that we actually pay on time.

Which integration methods does MADGIC offer to supply partners?

MADGIC buys traffic from its supply partners through OpenRTB, JavaScript ad tags or its server-to-server (s2s) API. API Clients are available for php, .net, java and generic http.

MADGIC doesn’t provide an SDK because we think mobile application developers should avoid including third-party advertising SDKs in their apps as it prevents them from counting ad requests, impressions and clicks, monitoring fill rates, Click Through Rates and verifying numbers displayed by ad networks. Server-to-server  integration gives them visibility and control on their traffic, allowing them to freely and instantly change the traffic flow to their demand partners.

Which integration methods does MADGIC offer to demand partners?

On the demand side, MADGIC requests ads from its demand partners using either OpenRTB or their server-to-server API. MADGIC also integrates in an even closer way with select demand partners using its Campaigns Mirroring technology and running their campaigns directly on MADGIC’s servers.

Is it possible to just sign an IO and run my campaign on MADGIC?

MADGIC doesn’t work directly with advertisers or manually run individual campaigns. MADGIC only works with demand partners running hundreds of campaigns and buying huge volumes programmatically. MADGIC doesn’t provide a self-service portal either; we only integrate with demand partners in a fully automated way.

Should I send MADGIC all my traffic or only my unsold inventory?

The choice is yours. MADGIC has no exclusivity, time or volume requirements.
If your mobile website or app is a “premium” property and most of your traffic comes from a single country, you can probably sell your advertising space yourself directly at a higher price to high-profile advertisers or work with a local premium mobile advertising agency. However, you are likely to experience varying amounts of unsold inventory that MADGIC can monetize for you.

On the other hand, if you need to monetize very fragmented traffic coming from multiple sites/apps and  countries, you will require a large number of partners in order to maximize your revenue. Thus, using MADGIC’s mediation and optimization technology is your best bet

Is there a minimum size for working with MADGIC?

Yes, we are looking for large supply and demand partners generating at least a $1,000/day in advertising revenue.

MADGIC is focused on building the best mediation and optimization technology for mobile advertising. We have made the choice to rely on dozens of partners all over the world to locally handle the long tail of developers and publishers on the supply side, as well as the long tail of advertisers on the demand side. At MADGIC we are dedicated to doing what we love and know best: building powerful and scalable technology.

Where are your servers located?

MADGIC is relying on Google Cloud Platform and currently using 5 data centers:
– US East: Berkeley County, South Carolina
– US Central: Council Bluffs, Iowa
– US West: The Dalles, Oregon
– Asia East: Changhua County, Taiwan
– Europe West: St. Ghislain, Belgium

Our 5 OpenRTB endpoints are all delivering the same campaigns. So feel free to test the Internet latency from your servers to all our endpoints and to send your traffic to the endpoints working best for you.